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Lease from only $200/month for 48 months

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Businesses like yours

Looking to upgrade or install a new electronic message centre or LED digital sign for your business, church or school?

Crisp and vibrant full motion colour graphics and video give LED digital signs unparalleled attention grabbing power.

LED signs allow you to change the display content (crisp and vibrant full colour text, graphics, animation or video)  quickly, easily and as often as you like – from any computer located anywhere in the world.

Create individual display ads or sequences that cycle continuously according to schedule(s) you create and control.

Content marketing

Advertising is key to increasing foot traffic for your location and boosting sales.

An outdoor digital sign offers the most cost-effective advertising tool for delivering vibrant, eye-catching messages to your customers.

Create and display TV commercial style promotions that include full colour text, graphics, animation and video.

Ask us about ways to help you recover sign costs by “selling space” on your sign to other local businesses or organizations.

Wi-Fi, Cellular or Lan based sign management

Import, export or delete a wide variety of sign display media source files including text, graphics, animations and video.

Files are securely stored “in the cloud” allowing them to be accessed & edited from any computer.

Access to the secure media storage area is available from anywhere in the world and is protected by user name and password.

Cloud storage ensures you are always working with the latest version of the content file(s).

Remote sign management includes sign brightness, color “temperature” as well as the ability to turn the sign on or off remotely.

What we offer

Located in Walkerton, Ontario we are passionate about providing world-class service and support before, during and after the sale.
Factory trained technicians and sales/support team provide accurate answers, from basic questions to advanced troubleshooting.
You benefit from lower costs, more traffic, increased sales and new customers!

More Traffic

Cutting Edge Programmable LED Signs increase your visibility to passing pedestrians and vehicles.
Attention grabbing full colour text, graphics, animation and video attracts more of that traffic into your place of business.

Increased Sales

Highlight new products and up-to-the minute sales and special offers AS THEY HAPPEN!
Make full use of the advanced features of this technology to create and schedule "TV COMMERCIAL" style animated displays 24 hours a day - every day, right outside your location - all from your home or office.

New Customers

The ability to change messages weekly, daily, hourly or even by the minute offers you almost limitless flexibility.
It's like having hundreds of signs - all in one. Because the information displayed is always up to the minute, new customers are encouraged to come in and see for themselves what's new and/or on sale.

Our goal is to maintain great customer relations with transparent communication.
Buy with confidence! No gimmicks, no nonsense, no hassle.

We offer you LED Digital sign solutions that help you succeed - at prices you can afford.