How much does an LED Digital Outdoor Sign cost?

The retail price of a 4 ft x 8 ft SINGLE FACE full colour Wall Mounted LED Digital outdoor sign spread over its anticipated 10 year lifetime is approximately …

  • $75 per month
  • $17.50 per week
  • $2.50 per day

If you are replacing an old-fashioned illuminated lightbox change letter sign, you probably spend far more that this in wages just to change the letters every week. (based on 3 hours per week at $14.00/hour minimum wage = $42.00)

* SPECIFICATIONS USED IN EXAMPLE: P-8 resolution ◙ Single Face 50″ x 100″ display  ◙  6,000 nits brightness  ◙  SMD3535 LED technology

Just look around and see how many LED DIGITAL OUTDOOR SIGNS are starting to appear in your area.

Maybe its time you should consider an LED DIGITAL OUTDOOR SIGN for your business or organization?
Because, if LED signs didn’t work, your competitors wouldn’t be buying them.
You can benefit from this technology at up to 50% less than from our competitors. 

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