Content Creation for LED Digital Signs


CONTENT CREATION is one of many factors for customers to consider when purchasing an LED Digital Outdoor Sign.

As a business person, there’s always an endless list of to-do’s. Trust us, we get it.

So you can choose to do your own content creation or, for a small monthly fee, we can create the images for you.

The primary feature of an LED SIGN is customizable VARIABLE IMAGES.
This feature along with the ability to display animation and video allows you to create TV commercial style messages on your new sign.

We recommend you create and display MULTIPLE IMAGES in rotating SEQUENCES.
Based on extensive research, an IDEAL SEQUENCE INCLUDES up to 15 IMAGES displayed for 6 seconds each in a 90 second rotation. Individual messages should be readable in 3 seconds or less.

You can have a SINGLE SEQUENCE rotated every 1½ minutes or MULTIPLE SEQUENCES themed to time of day or day of the week.

Depending on the number of sequences, creating images can seem to be a challenging undertaking.
For a small monthly fee, you can have us create display images for you.